Our third book, Feminism à la Québécoise, is ready!

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Feminism à la Québécoise is written by Micheline Dumont who is a brilliant historian and an authority on the history of women in Québec. As a member of the Clio collective, she has co-authored previous path-breaking books about feminism in Québec. In 2009 she was inspired to write a book for young women, who may not have been aware of the history of the Québec feminist movement. Her goal was to produce a very accessible book rather than an academic one so she chose the format of a grandmother telling the stories to her granddaughter, Camille. In a book review for érudit, Marie-Andrée Bergeron of Lavalle University said that the tone of the book gives the impression that the author is speaking directly to her readers and that the personal narrative makes the story alive and vibrant.

Micheline Dumont

The original book is a wonderful gift to young francophone women and the members of the Feminist History Society thought that an English version would provide an opportunity for all of us to understand the Québec experience better. Rewritten to make the book accessible to an audience outside of Québec, this version sparkles in English as the original did in French. The book has an abundance of photos, many of which were not available for the first version. Read this and marvel at the remarkable exploits of Québec feminists.

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