Writing the Revolution Shortlisted for Toronto Book Award

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Writing the Revolution by Michele Landsberg was a finalist for the 2012 City of Toronto Book Awards. Here is what the judges said:

Michele Landsberg began as a “blue jean rebel.” Chafing at the confines of late‑1950s sexism, she found her voice at Chatelaine in the ’70s and then spent more than 25 years writing passionate and unapologetically activist columns for the Toronto Star. Writing the Revolution is a fascinating look back at those columns and at Michele’s role as the high priestess of Canadian feminism. Her unwavering support for the rights, well‑being, and safety of women and children has served as a powerful force for social change. An inspirational read, Writing the Revolution is also a cautionary tale for those who feel that feminism as a movement need no longer exist.

For 25 years, two-time National Newspaper Award-winning journalist Michele Landsberg wrote a highly influential column in The Toronto Star, recording and interpreting history from the front lines of the feminist movement. Her writing showed a fearless advocacy on behalf of women and children, peace and pluralism, human rights and social justice. Writing the Revolution is a collection of her key columns. With her trademark blend of kindness, toughness, bluntness and humour, Michele reflects on when she was right, when she was wrong, and what was happening behind the scenes. She also hails the passionate new generation of feminists working to see that the revolution continues.

Visit the Toronto Book Awards site and watch an interview with Michele here.

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