Writing the Revolution

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September 2011 Michele Landsberg

Michele Landsberg is one of Canada’s most respected and recognized journalists.

With a voice all her own, coming from a deep feminist inside, Michele has engaged with the second wave of the women’s movement in Canada more than any other writer in Canada. Her perspective and experience spans the full 50 years from 1960 to 2010. Her opinions, always careful and sometimes controversial inside and outside the movement, have mattered to women’s lives.

After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1962 (it awarded her an honorary degree in 2008), Michele joined The Globe and Mail. From 1971 to 1978, she was part of the halcyon days of Chatelaine, then under Apart from a return stint with The Globe and Mail, Michele wrote a daily column in the Toronto Star from 1978 to 2005. Ostensibly retired then, Michele continued her activist work and chaired the board of Women’s College Hospital until 2009 during a critical phase in its on-going fight to stay women-centred and run.

Revisiting what her columns chronicled about the second wave of the women’s movement in Canada, Michele reflects on the characteristics, successes and failures of this movement over its 50 years. With her trademark blend of kindness, toughness, bluntness and humour, she writes about where we have been and where we should go.


"Those who make a revolution and those who write about it are usually two different people. Michele Landsberg is one of the few on earth who is trusted and effective at both. There is no one I respect more in the trenches - or on the page." ---Gloria Steinem

“I think of Michele Landsberg’s book as a clutch purse, in the sense that I tuck the gleaming thing under my folded arm, clutching it for safety and comfort and for the treasure it holds. Open it and jewels spill out: the stories of lives lived by women during feminism’s second wave. Love, humiliation, struggle, pain, small triumphs, great victories, all dressed in this great woman’s words imbued with the warmth for which she is famous. It isn’t the book of the year or the decade, it’s our own personal true story. " ---Heather Mallick

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