An Invitation to Contribute to a Book on Women and Sport in Canada Between 1960 and 2010

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From Lorraine Greaves, Sandi Kirby, Marion Lay and Guylaine Demers

On behalf of the Feminist History Society ( we are inviting you to contribute to a new and important edited book on woman and sport in Canada. This book will be part of a series produced by the Feminist History Society recording “second-wave” feminist history in Canada. To date we have published, Feminist Journeys/Voies Feministes (ed, Marguerite Anderson) and Writing the Revolution (by Michele Landsberg).  In 2012, a third book by Micheline Dumont will be released.

We are focusing this new book on girls, women, gender and sport between 1960 – 2010, and hope to capture a range of issues, highlights, challenges, approaches, experiences…etc. There was tremendous change in the landscape of women and sport in these decades, and the stories attached to these events are important to record and share.

We would like to have your contribution and perspectives in this book. We look forward to your ideas and commitment to write and contribute. We will include a range of perspectives from those who have had an significant involvement in how girls’ and women’s sport developed in Canada over the last half century.

Some suggested areas for your contribution are:


  EXPERIENCES e.g. when was the first time you thought feminism was an issue for women and sport? What do you remember as “the best moment for women and sport”
ORGANIZING creating sport policy, policy moments in sport, legal and human rights challenges
STRENGTHENING sport experiences in coaching, leadership and development
ADVOCACY creating sport policy, policy moments in sport

The contributors will be women and men who are athletes, coaches, administrators, volunteers, teachers and scholars, from all regions of Canada in English or in French. We hope to represent a range of sports, experiences, and perspectives on feminism in the context of sport.

Are you interested? If so …

  1. Please send an expression of interest and a paragraph (max. 150 words) about what you propose to cover to by March 30, 2012
  2. Please pass this invitation to others who might be interested

Once your contribution is accepted (by April 10), one of the four editors will work with you as you prepare the contribution, deadline July 1, 2012.
We are open to different lengths, tone, types of work and topics.

Please Note: We will be encouraging contributors to become a member of the Feminist History Society to facilitate the development of the book. More information

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